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Old Ouroboros Spread Page by neilak20 Old Ouroboros Spread Page by neilak20
== Edit Again == The Print hitting button was an accident, so this is no longer available as a print, gotta re post it since I had to delete it to make it not be a print. ==
: Edit : This is now available as a print, and a puzzle as well as a mouse pad, if anyone's still interested in that. The print version is cropped a bit and doesn't have the AP logos in gray along the top.
: End Edit :

This is really old, But since I came across it in my folder today while digging out the old drafts of scripts I decided to share it with everyone.
At the time I liked the composition and movement, and that I had incorporated aspects of almost the entire story into one image. NOW however I don't like the composition and can think of a hundred ways I could do better. I think that's a good sign no? Also, I will be moving this to scraps I think.

I think this was from version 3 of Ouroboros. The latest one that I've posted pages of is version 4, and the new draft I'm working on, will combine aspects of versions 3 and 4.

Now I need to log back off and get back to my scripting.

kamui1st Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
Clean lineart and the movement is good ^_^ +fav
neilak20 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks ^_^
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